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          朱正明先生著作《走遍天涯訪關公》 Look for Guan Gong across the World綱要續

          朱正明先生著作《走遍天涯訪關公》 Look for Guan Gong across the World綱要續:

          021畫冊出版 引來海峽兩岸首次合作

          021. Publication of Painting Albums  It attracted the first cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.


          022東山海島 武圣大殿雄峙南海之濱

          022. Dongshan Island  Temple for worshiping Guan Yu stands magnificently by the coast of South China Sea.


          023 福建泉州 海上絲綢之路的起點

          023. Quanzhou of Fujian  The starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.


          024 崇武古城 惠安女生來勤勞秀美

          024 Chongwu Ancient Town   Hui’an women are born with industriousness and beautifulness.


          025 牡丹江上 姑娘嫂子鑿開冰河扭秧歌

          025.On the Mudanjiang River  The girls and sisters-in-law chisel the glacier and twist the Yangko.


          026 虎頭山下 烏蘇里江畔佇立財神殿

          026.Under the Tiger Head Mountain  The god of wealth’s temple stands by the riverside of Wusuli River.


          027 邀約北京 在中國新聞社當記者

          027. Invitation to Beijing  Be a journalist of China News Agency.


          028 落戶江城 走遍世界訪關公悄然啟動

          028. Settled in Jiangcheng  The campaign of seeking Guan Yu culture worldwide start from here.


          029 尋找模特 土家族小姑娘清純靚麗

          029. Looking for models   The girls from Tujia ethnic minority are pure and beautiful.


          030 長江三峽 靈山秀水訴說忠義故事

          030.The Three Gorges on the Yangtze  The landscapes are narrating stories of loyalism of Guan Yu.


          031 仙山武當 天尊財神穩坐金頂之巔

          031.Fairy Mountain Wudang  God of Heaven and Wealth sit steadily on the top of the Golden Peak.


          032 父子兩個 佇立中國東方天盡頭

          032. Father and Son   Stand at the vanishing point of eastern sky in China.


          033 山東聊城 運河西岸磚雕彩繪宮殿

          033. Liaocheng of Shandong    A brick carved and painted palace on the west bank of the canal.


          034 安徽亳州 曹操故里的花戲古樓

          034. Anhui Bozhou  The ancient opera singing house at Cao Cao’s hometown.


          035 皇城根下 胡德平宏論晉商誠信

          035.In the Imperial City   Hu Deping’s intelligent view on the credibility and integrity of Shanxi merchants.


          036 河北承德 皇家武廟的前世今生

          036.Chengde of Hebei  The past and present of royal Guan Gong temple.


          037 非典來了 困在辦公室敲出關公圣跡

          037.During the period of SARS, wrote a book of Guan Gong at my office.


          038 聯通五洲 世界關公文化網順勢誕生

          038.Connecting Five Continents  The world Guan Gong culture website comes out conforming to the trend.


          039 甘南夏河 青藏高原東部的夢中天堂

          039.Xiahe of Gannan  The dreamy paradise at east of the Tibetan plateau.


          040 走進西藏 為恢復拉薩關帝廟第一個捐款

          040.Walk into Tibet  Initiate the donation for repairing Guan Gong temple at Lhasa.


          041 華人情緣 雷震寰父子赴西藏拉薩獻愛心

          041.Chinese Affection  Lei Zhenhuan and his son offer their charity at Lhasas.


          042 大昭寺前 與藏族小姑娘的時空對話

          042. In front of Jokhang Temple  A tspatiotemporal dialog with a Tibetan girl.


          043 突發地震 趕往拉薩探望關帝廟災情

          043.Sudden Earthquake  Hurry to Lhasa to inspect the condition of Guan Gong temple after the earthquake.


          044 走近珠峰 尋找世界最高的關帝廟遺址

          044.Approaching Mount Everest   Explore Guan Gong temple site at the highest altitude in the world.


          045 雅礱盛典 聆聽天堂歌謠幾次淚眼朦朧

          045.Yalong Grand Ceremony  My eyes are misty with tears for several times on hearing the ballad of heaven.


          046 大愛無疆 崔玉晶赴崗嘎山巔首捐百萬

          046.Love Is Boundless  Madam Cui Yujing went to top of Gangga Mountain and donated a million.   


          047 阿佩主席 兩代藏族領袖的關公情緣

          047. President Apei  Guan Gong affection of two generations of Tibetan Leaders.


          048 仰望珠峰 藏族關帝唐卡輝映珠穆朗瑪

          048. Looking up at Mount Everest  Tibetan Guan Gong Tangka reflects Everest.


          049 雪山彩虹 珠穆朗瑪關帝廟重建奇觀

          049.Snow Mountain Rainbow  Miracles of the reconstruction of Guan Gong temple at Mount Everest.


          050 定日崗嘎 世界最高的關帝殿竣工盛典

          050. Gangga of Dingri The grand completion ceremony for the world's highest Guan Gong Palace.


          051 岡仁波齊 藏族少女托舉中華關帝

          051.Gangren Boqi  Tibetan girl holds the statue of Guan Gong respectfully. 



          052 祁連山脈 嘉峪關城樓護衛關老爺戲臺

          052.Qilian Mountains  The gate tower of Jiayuguan guard the theatrical stage of Guan Gong.


          053 天山之巔 唐宋財神古殿冰清玉潔

          053. The Peak of Tianshan Mountain  The god of wealth’s temple in Tang and Song dynasties is still clean and pure.



          054 東地古村 絲綢古駝道上的乾隆大廟

          054. Ancient Village in the East Land  A grand temple of Qianlong period on the Ancient Silk Road of Camel.


          055 傲骨千年 大漠深處的胡楊木雕

          055. A Thousand Years of Pride  Wood carving of Populus euphratica deep in the desert.


          056 伊犁河谷 冰雪環抱的英雄錫伯族

          056. Ili River Valley  Heroic Xibe ethnic minority group surrounded by ice and snow.


          057 昆明西山 關老爺沐浴滇池朝暉

          057. Xishan Mountains in Kunming  Guan Gong stood in the Dian Lake in morning sunlight.


          058 尋找關鳳 金蓮山拜謁關三小姐

          058. Look for Guan Feng  Paying a formal visit to Guan’s third daughter at Jinlian Mountain.



          059 云南大理 武廟開光彩虹升騰蒼山洱海

          059. Dali of Yunnan  Rainbow surrounded Cangshan and Erhai at the consecration of Guan Gong temple.


          060 貴州安順 苗族布依族蠟染關公圖

          060. Anshun of Guizhou  The people of Miao and Bouyei ethnic groups dye a diagram of Guan Gong with wax.


          061 土家山莊 汪國新詩書畫院落成慶典

          061. Mountain Villa of Tujia Ethnic Group  The celebration of the establishment of Wang Guoxin Academy of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting. 


          062 瑤族山寨 廣西恭城萬人雨中狂歡敬關公

          062. Mountain Village of Yao Ethnic Group   Millions of people in Gongcheng city of Guangxi binge to worship Guan Gong in the rain.


          063 陜北榆林 蒙漢民眾共敬關帝爺

          063.Yulin of North Shaanxi   Mongolian and Han people worship Guan Gong together.


          064 太行山麓 陽泉林里深藏唐宋關王殿

          064.Foothill of Taihang Mountains  Guan Gong Temple of Tang and Song dynasties hidden in Yangquan Forest.


          065 南陽社旗 綿綿秋雨中的山陜會館

          065.Sheqi of Nanyang  Shan-shan Guildhall in the continuous autumn rain.


          066 三山五岳 蒼松巖壁間端坐關帝爺

          066. High Mountains   Guan Gong sits up between green pines and palisades.


          067 追尋崇高 帶著兒子攀登著名山巔

          067.Pursuing the sublime  Climbing the famous mountains with my son.


          068 五大社團 精心評選世界關帝圣像

          068.Five Associations   Carefully appraise and elect statues of Guan Gong around the world.


          069 河北涿州 追尋桃園結義的千年承諾

          069. Zhuozhou of Hebei  Pursuing the millennium commitment of being sworn brothers.


          070 遼寧沈陽 張大帥府關財神金光燦燦

          070. Shenyang of Liaoning  The statue of Guan Gong at Zhang Zuolin’s residence was shining and glittering.


          071 沈陽德源 崔玉晶敬關公誠信奉獻

          071. Deyuan of Shenyang   Cui Yujing admired Guan Gong for his integrity and dedication.


          072 扮演關公 陸樹銘從航空攝影到影視明星

          072. Play the part of Guangong, Lu Shu ming is interested in aerial photography, plays the part of Guan Gong and becomes a movie star.


          073 崇敬關帝 吳自金創建天下關公文化城

          073. Reverence for Guan Gong, Wu Zijin founded the first Guan Gong culture city.


          074 上海浦東 聯合國副秘書長贊關公偉大

          074. Pudong of Shanghai  Deputy secretary-general of United Nations praised Guan Gong’s greatness.


          075 大學校園 講關公故事送關公專著

          075. College Campus  Tell Guan Gong's stories and present Guan Gong's monographs as a gift.


          076 薪火相傳 人民大會堂領取特別貢獻獎  

          076.Passing the Torch   Receiving the award for special contribution at the Great Hall of the People.


          077 京城奇觀 歷代帝王廟聳立關帝殿

          077.Wonders of Beijing  The Guan Gong Temple stands next to the temple of emperors in successive dynasties. 


          078 廣東深圳 千名企業家呼喚關公生日快樂

          078.Shenzhen of Guangdong   Thousands of entrepreneurs in Shenzhen wish “Guan Gong happy birthday”.


          079 ??诶辖?關帝大殿屹立瓊臺福地

          079.Old Street of Haikou  The grand palace of Guan Gong stands erectly at the promised land of Qiongtai.


          080 詹州故地 明城墻護衛關帝香火

          080.Hometown of Zhanzhou   The city wall of Ming dynasty guards the joss sticks of Guan Gong.


          081 罕見民俗 三江下市村拜神穿仗

          081.Rare Folk Customs  Worshipping gods in Xiashi villages of Sanjiang.


          082 三亞黎寨 椰林中講述關公忠義

          082. Lizhai of Sanya   Telling Guan Gong’s loyalty story in coconut forest.


          083 關氏宗親 遍及世界100多個國家

          83.Guan's clan   The clan relatives of Guan Gong spread over 100 countries in the world.


          084 飛越海峽 臺北舉辦關帝文化攝影展

          084. Flying across the Strait,   Guan Gong Cultural Photography Exhibition is held in Taipei.


          085 王金平說 關公精神體現人性光輝

          085.Wang Jinping Praised    Guan Yu’s spirit reflected the glory of human nature.


          086 行天大宮 提倡環保用心敬神

          086.Xingtian Great Palace  Advocate environmental protection and worship God with heart. 


          087 宜蘭礁溪 協天廟香火繚繞海天

          087.Jiaoxi of Yilan  The burning incense smoke from Xietian temple winded around everywhere.


          088 桃園虎頭 關老爺美髯越來越長

          088.Tiger Head in Taoyuan  The Guan Gong has a magnificent Beard, which is growing longer and longer.


          089 古奇峰頂 矗立臺灣最高關帝爺

          089.The Top of Mount Gu Qi  The highest statue of Guan Gong in Taiwan stands there.


          090 探訪臺中 圣壽宮兩代總主持的情緣

          090.Visit Taizhong  The emotional link between two generations of abbots of Shengshou palace.


          091 日月潭畔 文武廟藏身麗山秀水

          091.At the Bank of Riyuetan Pool  The Man Mo Temple hide between the beautiful landscapes.


          092 臺南龍崎 總會長陳展松疑似壽星爺爺

          092.In Longqi District of Tainan  perhaps the president Chen Zhansong is the god of longevity.


          093 大榕樹下 臺南關帝殿古韻悠悠

          093.Under the Banyan Tree  Tainan Guan Gong Temple is filled with great elegance.


          094 祀典武廟 臺灣一級文物古樸典雅

          094.Sacrificial Rites Temple for Worshipping Guan Yu   Taiwan's first-class cultural relics are simple and elegant.


          095 開基武廟 深藏關帝巷的神秘宮殿

          095. Kai Ji Temple for Worshipping Guan Yu   Mysterious palace hidden in Guan Gong Lane.


          096 地震火災 山西宮大殿巍然屹立

          096.Earthquakes and Fires  The main shrine of Shanxi Palace still stands tall after earthquakes and fires.


          097 臺南大灣 武龍宮按神示尋覓巨大紅木

          097.Tainan Bay  Wulong Palace succeeds in finding giant red wood after following divine revelation.


          098 佛光璀璨 關帝金身供奉佛光山武圣殿

          098.Bright Buddha Light  Golden status of  Guan Gong is worshipped in the Wusheng Temple of  Fo Guang Shan.


          099 意誠堂前 高雄八五大樓巍然矗立

          099.In Front of Yi Cheng Hall   A Guan Gong temple stands next to 85 Sky Tower in Kaohsiung.


          100高雄武廟 三次參拜感受各不相同

          100. Kaohsiung Guan Gong Temple  Three visits to it had different impressions..


          101蓮池潭畔 左營啟明堂前兩次驚呼

          101. At the Bank of Lotus Pond    Scenery of Temple Chi Ming Tang by the pond is spectacular and amazes me.


          102鳳山五甲 美國少女在大殿朝拜關公

          102. Fengshan Wujia     American girls worshipped Guan Gong in Guan Gong temple.


          103東照山上 關帝殿堂在海峽兩岸聲名鵲起

          103. Dongzhao Hill   Guan Gong Palace has gained a reputation on both sides of the Straits.


          104澎湖馬公 紅毛城探訪香火源頭

          104. Penghu Ma Gong   Exploring the source of incense and fire in Hongmao City.


          105鎖港海灣 紫微宮飛檐與海浪媲美

          105. Suogang Bay   Upturned eaves on the buildings of Zi wei Temple show dramatic soaring roof lines as ocean waves.


          106 香港特區 高樓叢林中的一片寧靜

          106. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region  Tranquility in the high-rise jungle.


          107 走進澳門 講關公故事辦關帝展覽

          107. Entering Macau  Exhibitions of Guan Gong are held and stories of Guan Gong are told.


          108 日本橫濱 中華街關帝殿百年輝煌

          108.Yokohama of Japan, Guan Gong temple has experienced a hundred years of glory in China Street.


          109 韓國首爾 深藏東門的國家寶物

          109.Seoul of South Korea  National treasure hidden deep in Dongdaemun. 


          110 馬尼拉城 菲律賓僑領的忠義情懷

          110. Manila City  The Loyalty feelings of Overseas Chinese Leaders in the Philippines.


          111 越南首府 還劍湖畔的中華神殿

          111. Capital of Vietnam     The Chinese Temple at the bank of Hoan Kiem Lake.


          112 走進緬甸 南亞佛國偶遇關帝木雕

          112.Walk into Burma  Encounter wood carve of Guan Gong in the Buddhist country of South Asia.


          113 馬來新山 柔佛海峽北岸的關帝文化熱

          113.Johor Bahru of Malaysia  The Guan Gong culture becomes very popular on the north bank of Johore Strait. 


          114 泰國曼谷 華人首富鄭明如的中華情結

          114. Bangkok of Thailand  The emotional bond to China of Zheng Mingru the richest Chinese.


          115 花園島國 尋關帝殿堂辦關公展覽

          115. Garden Island Country  Look for Guan Gong Temple and hold Guan Gong Exhibition.


          116 巴厘海島 亞洲天涯海角的故事

          116.Bali Island  The story of the remotest corners of the globe in Asia.


          117 印度孟買 總領事在關公廟守歲過年

          117. Mumbai of India  The Consul General celebrates the New Year at Guan Gong Temple.


          118 美國紐約 唐人街關帝崇拜一浪高一浪

          118. New York of America   Guan Gong worship in Chinatown becomes very popular.


          119 舊金山市 布朗市長赴關帝廟抽簽

          119. San Francisco  Mayor Brown draws lots at Guan Gong temple.


          120 洛杉磯市 潮州眾精英重建關帝堂

          120. Los Angeles  Elites from Chaozhou reconstructed Guan Gong Hall.


          121 夏威夷島 關帝托夢救華裔軍士的傳說

          121. Hawaii Island  Legend of Guan Gong's entrusting a dream to rescue Chinese sergeants.


          122 墨西哥城 華人社團供奉文武二圣

          122. Mexico City  Chinese associations worship the two saints of culture and martial arts.


          123 神秘古巴 哈瓦那中華街的三個關公廳

          123. Mysterious Cuba  Three Guan Gong Halls on China Street, Havana.


          124 圣何塞市 哥斯達黎加中國街的財神爺

          124. City of San Jose  God of Wealth on China Street, Costa Rica.


          125 巴拿馬城 華人街關帝寶殿留存中華血脈

          125.Panama City   Chinese blood remains in Guan Gong Palace of China Street.


          126 地中海畔 西班牙少女甜甜的微笑

          126. At the Bank of Mediterranean  The sweet smile of Spanish girls.


          127 歐洲大陸 1665年華夏古地圖矗立關公

          127. European Continent  Guan Gong stood on the ancient map of China in 1665.


          128 留尼旺島 彩虹輝映印度洋最大關帝殿

          128. Reunion Island  Rainbow reflects the largest Guan Gong Palace in the Indian Ocean.


          129 七進非洲 塞舌爾大使發起重建關帝堂

          129.Entered Africa Seven Times  The ambassador of Seychelles initiated the reconstruction of Guan Gong Hall.


          130 毛里求斯 百位僑領盛情聯歡贊中華

          130.Mauritiu  Hundreds of overseas Chinese leaders celebrated China with great affection.


          131 塔馬塔夫 馬達加斯加的簡易關帝堂

          131.Tamatave   Simple Guan Gong Hall in Madagascar.


          132 莫桑比克 國家藝術館地下室找到關老爺

          132. Mozambique  Guan Gong’s statue is found in the basement of the National Gallery of Art.


          133 波多諾伏 海景酒店赫然供奉關公觀音

          133. Porto Novo  Guan Gong and Guanyin is respectfully enshrined at Seascape Hotel.


          134 加納美女 關公是中國的大帥哥

          134. Beauty of Garner  Guan Gong is a handsome man in China. 


          135 南非約堡 向總領事贈送關公唐卡

          135. Johannesburg of South Africa  Giving Guan Gong Thangka to Consul General as a gift.


          136 澳大利亞 走遍五洲尋訪關帝文化圓夢

          136. In Australia   The dream of visiting the Guan Gong culture across the five continents.


          137 世界盡頭 女皇博物館珍藏關帝寶物

          137. The End of the World  Guan Gong's treasures are collected in the Queen's Museum.


          138 南太平洋 奧克蘭大學講述世界關帝文化

          138 In South Pacific   Auckland University tells about the world Guan Gong culture.


          139 縱觀世界 關公崇拜成為華人親密紐帶(代后記)

          139.Throughout the World  The worship towards Guan Gong has become the intimate link between our Chinese (Afterword).

          朱正明先生花費大量的時間精力和費用去追尋關老爺子的足跡,走遍天涯海角去挖掘關帝文化,受到海內外社會名流的敬佩和支持,他為了弘揚“忠、誠、信、義、勇、仁”的關公精神,用相機和文筆譜寫了關公精神在當今社會新的篇章---《走遍天涯訪關公》 Look for Guan Gong across the World。(信息來源:武漢九重歌翻譯公司



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